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MicroTek Chicago Computer Facility

Internetworking Dynamics’ Microsoft certification training is held at the MicroTek Chicago learning center, which is located in the famous Chicago Loop close to convenient transportation and a block from the Sears Tower. The 10,000 square foot facility boasts a 100 Mb fiber optic line and backup T1 that provide internet access to its 11 classrooms and meeting room. Wireless (Wi-Fi) service is available for the students’ use along with 10 phone stations, 4 email stations, and 6 analog port stations. MicroTek has been providing high-tech computer labs since 1991.

The building is in the Loop, at the corner of Franklin and Monroe, one block from the Sears Tower. The facility is 3 blocks from both the Union and Ogilvie train stations. The building is 29 stories with black exterior pillars and dark windows. There is a large open lobby that is shared with other tenants. MicroTek is on the 5th floor.


We are located on the corner of Monroe and Franklin. Monroe is a One Way street that runs from West to East, and is one block West of Wells Street.
From the North
Take I-90/94 South (Kennedy Expressway) to Monroe East exit.
From the South
Take I-90/94 North to Monroe East exit.
From the West
Take I-290 East (Eisenhower Expressway) and exit at Wacker/Franklin.

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Detailed parking information, including several nearby lots and their respective costs, is available in this pdf:

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We recommend taking public transportation (METRA/CTA). Attendees taking the train (METRA) should go to the Union or Northwestern Stations, and will have about a 3-block walk to our location. The CTA-EL Blue Line can be taken to the Monroe & Dearborn terminal. The CTA-EL Orange Line can be taken to the Washington & Wells terminal.
Flights should be booked into either the O’Hare or Midway Airports. A car is not necessary, and we recommend taking an airport shuttle, taxi or riding CTA (Chicago Transportation Authority) to downtown Chicago. Trains run every 6 to 10 minutes day and evenings, and every 30 minutes overnight. Trips take 40 to 45 minutes. The Blue Line from O’Hare can be taken to the Monroe terminal. The Orange Line from Midway can be taken to the Quincy terminal. The Airport Express also has stops outside baggage claim areas departing every 5-15 minutes, with adult one way fares from $11.00 to $15.00. Be sure to let the driver know your hotel.

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