What Students Have To Say About Our Microsoft Training

I had a friend who had referred me to you in the United States. He made you sound like a God or something. I decided to come all the way from The UK to get my MCSE from your school and see what the cheers were all about. I had taken MCSE classes before and found that I learned about feature and benefits but that was it. I could not pass any exam or put the puzzle together. Your ability to teach us to see the big picture and not individual objectives and topics was what helped me the most. I don’t know how you have a life and can still teach the way you do, but I was honored to be the benefactor. Although I have concluded that you are not God, you probably are the best technical trainer hands-down. I don’t know too many people who come come to the manner in which you teach. I will fly to the U.S. for all my training as long as you are still teaching. Thanks for the US hospitality and quality. You are a great representation on your company, industry, and country. CHEERS!

Bobby Prescott
MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MCSE: Security,MCSA:Security, Security+

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